New Life Coaching Practice Launches in Dumfries

On 8th October, BTRU2U Coaching launches in Dumfries. The vibrant new life coaching practice is the brainchild of Linda Wheatley, who is bringing her years of coaching experience to the new practice.

Linda has created a purpose-built meeting room for her coaching practice, carefully designed to be a relaxing, therapeutic space.

Linda says:

linda-wheatley-2 “Life coaching is relatively new to Dumfries and Galloway where I live and I want to introduce myself and the benefits life coaching can bring to individuals.. I really want people to know more about life coaches and what we do and encourage individuals to realise their dreams and turn them into goals and move forward in their lives challenging those things that are holding them back. I believe we all need a tool box of skills and coping mechanisms to help us through life and really enjoy empowering people to find their own answers from within themselves.”

Can Life Coaching Help You?

Do you have issues that are weighing you down?

Are you feeling…

  • Alone and isolated with no one to talk to?
  • Things are spiralling and you are losing control?
  • You can never find enough hours in the day?
  • Torn between family responsibility & professional accountability?

Are you struggling with…

  • Working in a high pressure environment with high expectations
  • Issues with colleagues/ managers/ workloads, few support networks?
  • ‘Switching off’ from things that are worrying you?

Are you dreaming of…

  • A better life?
  • Financial freedom?
  • A change of career?
  • If so, life coaching can help.

Discover who you really are and what you can achieve.

BTR2U coaching will be available by Skype, face-time, webcam, email, text and telephone as well as face-to-face, so you can work with Linda in a way that suits you.

…stop dreaming start doing ..its never too late to start a new chapter in your book.

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