Stop dreaming start's never too late to start a new chapter in your book

Welcome to my website and thankyou for taking the time to consider what life coaching can do for you

People come to coaching for lots of reasons, and the basis for this is change. We can all find ourselves in situations where we feel unhappy and uncomfortable, and things just don’t feel right. We feel like we are doing things we should rather than the things we truly want.

This in turn can make us feel unhappy, lacking motivation and feeling like we are missing out on the things that inspire and us which make us feel truly happy and content.

As a coach I believe that we all know exactly what is right for us at any given time, sometimes we need to slow down for long enough to listen to ourselves and explore all the options available to us.

I believe we are all well and when things go wrong we know how to get better. Sometimes we just need the opportunity to stay in the right place for long enough to find out how.

Coaching gives you the personal space and time you need to help you get in touch with your own inner truth. Helping you to move away from thinking about the things you SHOULD want to the things you DO want

Unlike counselling and other forms of therapy which guide you through your previous experience and behaviours, COACHING IS UNIQUE as you are encouraged to look forward and DEVELOP the skills you need to help you to UNDERSTAND YOUR OWN THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS and FIND YOUR OWN SOLUTIONS to those things which are making you unhappy and keeping you in the state you are in.